Born out of both my illustration and photography practices, the Untitled Revolutionary Collages (2016-2019) were created as a reaction to mine and my entourage’s daily struggles. 
In today’s world, where capitalism, social, gender and racial inequalities, produce populism and foster individualism, I have been observing a lack of confidence, motivation and belief in individuals. In 2016 I started to create messages for the public.
While the young digital generation grows with a lack of social and emotional skills and our society is evolving on negative feelings such as pride and exclusion, marked by the lack of vulnerability and empathy and motivated by financial success rather than personal fulfilment, I believe it is important to restore and spread an emotional balance.
These series of illustrated messages were made for people to see while passing by, as a reminder to fight for our values and aspirations, as if I was addressing a friend.
In 2018 I started pasting the collages anonymously in the street of Lisbon, where I then lived and observed a certain empowerment through reactions of passers-by, acquaintances and social media.