Moonscape Reverie


The city of Sintra (Portugal) is like a land outside of the usual time and space construction: a feeling created by the history load, the volume of nature and the eccentricity found in the colours, architecture, gardens, everywhere. Just like one imagines the land of a fairy tale.
In the parks themselves, one stops and appreciates the touch, the sounds, the smells, the rapid changes in the weather.
In this serenity, flora appears as the symbol of the times past, only left living-witnesses, discreet link between the past, the present and the future.
With century-old trees and soil, plants with character, and a certain lingering romanticism, one starts to dream up fables and unverified history.

Moonlight Reverie focuses on details, to visually recreate the experience and feeling when visiting Sintra, to suggest all the inimaginable history while recreating the experienced feeling of harmony. 
For this, 8 pieces were composed, each made out of two photographs from the parks, and a background colour taken from the ‘Sintra palette’: colours used around the city on facades. The central images have been digitally colorised in the style of early 20th century photographs, giving it a dreamlike and atemporal aura. 

In Moonscape Reverie like in her general practice, Camille Aboudaram used a postmodern approach to photography: she shot analog photographs and used digital technology for post-production and later interventions, modernising techniques of the past, and blending photography with illustration (painting or colouring) and graphic design (context built for the photographs). 
Indeed, she believes that in the 21st century, photography isn’t only about the photographs anymore.
Her approach took her to create context using the photographs to create a wider space and a new interpretation, exploiting both techniques and aesthetics of the past and present to create something unique, contemporary and somewhat utopian. 
This procedure creates both an aesthetic translation of the sensorial experience and a half-imagined half-suggested narrative, the 8 pieces working together as a heterotopia to construct an odd, romantic, magical yet almost eerie family album.